About us

About TomBee Concepts

Founded in 1999 we are proud to look back on a long success story.

Specialised in the Internet sector we develop concepts for successful, efficient presentations of our customers in the world-wide medium Internet.

Our services range from demand analysis with consultation and conception,  design, technical realisation and the development and implementation of data base solutions with content management systems, up to final delivery.

We rely on competent partners, with experience in their respective specialised fields, to realise complex projects.

Individual Solutions

The realisation of our customer’s individual needs is for us the  number one objective: finding the balance between cost and benefit is important, because not all what is technically and creatively possible, makes sense at the end.

Orientation to Targets

Internet presentations developed by TomBee Concepts always have the user in mind – your customer.

If your customer is lost in an unclear menu structure or has to read long stories to find the information he is looking for, he will most likely leave your site after a few minutes and head for your competitors.

Therefore, distinct structures need to be established to ensure a rapid transfer of information. A satisfied customer will return to your Internet site and will remain interested in your products and services.


With the development of modern Internet sites, standards play an important role. Web standards reduce the cost of development and design, decrease subsequent costs, make quick adjustments to technological changes possible and allow an easier and consistent access to your Internet sites from all kinds of devices.

Web standards are the key and TomBee Concepts works according to these principles.